How to Get Revenge on a Thief – Franco Polar


Back in June I hosted a Great Gatsby themed housewarming party. For the part I hired two bartenders, one of them being Franco Polar. I found him on craigslist which

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Your Idea is Worthless


No I don’t want to sign your NDA. No I’m not interested in buying your idea. No you are not an entrepreneur by having an idea for the Uber for X. It’s

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The State of Startups in Dhaka

Dhaka City

I started a company recently in Dhaka called HackHouse. We have an amazing office located in Banani. It is more of an experiment for me to see what can be

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I’m Working On FIVE Apps

Apps apps apps!

Hello Internet! I’m working on so much right now (about 5 major apps). Thankfully I have a team of 15 helping me but sometimes it can still be overwhelming. I

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Mohammed Islam – the $72 million dollar fraud?

$72 million dollar teenager

UPDATE: It was all made up. A 17 year old bengali finance whiz kid making millions in the stock market? That kind of news is right up my alley and

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The Time I Almost Sold PrankDial for $200k

There are a lot of opportunities that come your way as an entrepreneur. I remember when I sold my first website AIMDUDE.COM. It was a shitty site about buddy icons,

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I Got Lucky


At times people comment that my success thus far has been a circumstance of luck. I used to vehemently defend myself: it was my cunning intellect, my unbridled passion, my

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Giving Out Drinks for Fun – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Handing Out Water

Took me forever to get this video up but this is from a trip from Dhaka a few months ago. Just handed out drinks for fun on a hot summer

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Bad CEOs. Lets frame the argument correctly


An old post from April 26, 2014 I never had a chance to put up – My blog is currently under works, so FB notes will be my temporary publishing platform.

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Pretty much describes me in life right now. I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I’ve become arrogant, but simply because I reached a point in my

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