Bad CEOs. Lets frame the argument correctly


An old post from April 26, 2014 I never had a chance to put up –

My blog is currently under works, so FB notes will be my temporary publishing platform. Sometimes you have a thought and you just have to get it out while it remains fresh. This is a thought.

As many of you may know – self-made millionaire entrepreneur, Gurbaksh Chahal was recently found guilty of domestic violence for assaulting his, I’m presuming now ex-girlfriend:

The dude kicked her 117 times, even in the head, in which she suffered a hematoma according to reports. Now the internet is calling for his resignation, much like Brendan Eich – Firefox’s former CEO who two weeks into the job was canned due to his support of anti-gay legislation.

Chahal was given a slap on the wrist due to legal technicalities. The question is do we as the Internet have a right to dictate how someone should be punished? We have a legal system that specifically deals with morally questionable activity. That decides how someone should be punished. Sure, it failed this time but it failed for a reason – police retrieved evidence illegally and the key witness (the girlfriend) refused to testify. These rules in the legal system are there to protect us and if we’re not happy with the outcome, we either use our legal system to correct the issue or we understand that we’ve elected this system to fairly represent the truth of what justice is. Going outside the legal system and virtually flogging someone is barbarian and puts us in the same murky depths as say, someone who beats their girlfriend. Air your criticism constructively but to say that person X did this and therefore X punishment is deserved is irresponsible and creates a dangerous precedence of the public deciding the faith of an individual. A public with no rules or constraints. Its free reign on the Internet.

I’m not saying he should not be removed as CEO. I’m saying the reason he should be removed is because his actions have caused irrefutable damage to his company, RadiumOne: partners have pulled out (, an IPO is being put into question, and the brand has been tarnished from Chahal’s personal misdeeds. This is a business decision, not a moral one.

The guy sucks and its a shame that he did this. Especially since I looked up to him as not only an entrepreneur but a South-East Asian American that made it so far to the top. But I’m not going to point fingers and say what should happen to him. The public is obviously displeased with him and RadiumOne should act accordingly in an act of self-preservation.

If we’ve learned anything from Internet outrage, he’ll probably be at the helm of another successful company years from now given the fruitful endeavors of fellow members of the wife beating club after their “incidences”. One who notably threw his girlfriend out of his car like a rag doll after severely assaulting her ( now selling hit records. The Internet is as fast to yell, as it is to forget. Whats the point?

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