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I’m Working On FIVE Apps

Apps apps apps!

Hello Internet! I’m working on so much right now (about 5 major apps). Thankfully I have a team of 15 helping me but sometimes it can still be overwhelming. I

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The Time I Almost Sold PrankDial for $200k

There are a lot of opportunities that come your way as an entrepreneur. I remember when I sold my first website AIMDUDE.COM. It was a shitty site about buddy icons,

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Kawab – the French PrankDial Copycat

A couple months ago, I ran across a site that look startlingly similar to PrankDial. The colors may not have been the same, the language might have been french, and the layout

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Press, Press, Press

My new years resolution to update this blog has been a complete failure. But some good news, PrankDial has been getting tons of press! Check out some of the links:

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tapppppFURIOUSSS – kicking 2011’s ass

I’ve gotten a few emails asking how well TapFury is doing. We’re a private company, so I’m definitely not getting into exact revenue figures but as far as growth, its

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Just joined the apple app gang.. at a cost

After months of back and forth with the apple review team, we were finally able to get PrankDial into the Apple App  Store. Unfortunately, its missing most of the cool

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Comprehensive Review – Best Virtual Currency “Offer” Platform: OfferPal, gWallet, SuperRewards

For years, game developers have been searching for a way to monetize on their products/services. For as long as I can remember, the main revenue generating strategy was just plain advertising – banners, text links and for the few games that warranted it, subscriptions. For many developers, these strategies failed to drive sustainable revenues, forcing developers out of the space. The beacon of hope came with sites like There was a realization that advertisers would pay to have users incentivized into purchasing/trying/filling-out their product. It was not long before someone ported the idea for the new wave of social gaming applications such as FarmVille, where users would actually spend time to customize a virtual farm with the purchase of virtual items. The dedication some of these users had to their farms was unbelievable but then I saw the social aspect to the game. I could understand the need to impress/show off, which is great for Zygna who is making a killing with OfferPal.

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The Follies of an Internet Entrepreneur

When I first started in the internet game, one of my main goals were to limit expenses. Why hire someone in the US when we can outsource? Why buy that

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