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Mohammed Islam – the $72 million dollar fraud?

$72 million dollar teenager

UPDATE: It was all made up. A 17 year old bengali finance whiz kid making millions in the stock market? That kind of news is right up my alley and

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Fareed Zakaria – The Brown Goblin

Anyone notice an uncanny resemblance between Fareed Zakaria and William Dafoe of Spiderman fame. This dude literally looks like William Dafoe’s brown brother. Now lets morph them.. The picture hasn’t

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Kawab – the French PrankDial Copycat

A couple months ago, I ran across a site that look startlingly similar to PrankDial. The colors may not have been the same, the language might have been french, and the layout

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Facebook Should Have Stayed Private – Here’s Why

Tomorrow, the world sees its largest tech IPO. Facebook will be debuting on the NASDAQ market for $38 a share, at an estimated $100 billion valuation. That’s 25 times annual

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new york is where it’s at

If you are getting into tech, you might want to stop by New York before you head full speed to the valley. Things are really moving here. It may be

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The prank empire continues

So we’ve been working on four projects. This is one related to our prank stuff, its pretty awesome.

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Around the World and Back

On Tuesday, I went to go pick up my sister from JFK. She was returning from a crazy ten country adventure after leaving a job that she hated (which I

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Turn your passion into a killer business

Two years ago I was coming out of my first business jaded and ready to give up the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I had this business all throughout college but a lack

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Claiming “fahim” on Google

Its all about branding yourself these days. At least thats what one of the million social networking gurus say. Ever since I ousted an Afghan bagel merchant for my name

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Some people can’t take a joke

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