Claiming “fahim” on Google

Its all about branding yourself these days. At least thats what one of the million social networking gurus say. Ever since I ousted an Afghan bagel merchant for my name on Google, I’ve been pretty happy with #1 for “Fahim Saleh” (the bagel merchant still lurks in the top 10, damn bagels). But today, I’m going to set a more ambitious goal, #1 for “Fahim”. I have some pretty stiff competition. Mohammed Fahim’s Wikipedia article comes in first: an Afghan military commander, followed by reality star Fahim (season something on I Love New York?).  Then there’s Fahim Ferdous who beat me out to get the “fahim” handle on twitter (whatever, i’m cool with fahims).

So whats my strategy? A whole a lot of updates and link sharing.

I did claim #1 for “prank calls” but to be honest, I didn’t do much work to get it. PrankDial is just awesome. I have my work cut out for me.

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