I Got Lucky


At times people comment that my success thus far has been a circumstance of luck. I used to vehemently defend myself: it was my cunning intellect, my unbridled passion, my razor sharp instincts. But now looking back, I tend to agree with them. See today, Gloria, the wonderful maid who helps me organize my apartment told me, “you are very smart Fahim, very smart”. It’s not like I spit out some complicated math equation that made her say that. She was just admiring my apartment and its furnishings. She was touching upon my intelligence as the reason for my success. But the more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t help but disagree. Sure, I’m smart. But am I smarter than any jo schmo that graduates with a 3.5 from college? Fuck no.

My situation in life has been determined more from luck than what I had control overI AM LUCKY.

I’m lucky that Steve Jobs invented the iPhone, without which this app boom would not be possible.

I’m lucky that people believed in me, when I was just a scraggly teen, with no idea what I was doing.

I’m lucky I met my muse, even if only for a temporary time, inspiring me to do what I love, and move on from failure. But most importantly, for giving me self confidence, and a sense of happiness when I needed it most.

I’m lucky I stumbled upon a person thousands of miles away as passionate as I was on an internet forum. A person who I credit all my early success and many of my current ones to.

I’m lucky I didn’t fall into the wrong crowd.

I’m lucky to have made such amazing friends, who put up with an awkward 9th grader, and gave me a reason to start my first website.

I’m lucky I was awkward. That I was a loser, choosing to tinker with code rather than play beer pong at the highschool rager.

I’m lucky that my parents pushed me.

I’m lucky that I fell in love with the internet, the power of it, at a time when everyone was writing it off as a fad, a dot com bust has been.

I’m lucky I was a part of a culture that was molded by entrepreneurs. A culture that encourages free thinking and creative expression.

I’m lucky that I like to laugh. More so, that I grew up in an environment where laughter, dancing, and having fun are the norm, not the taboo.

I’m lucky my parents were so supportive and loving.

I’m lucky my parents strived and triumphed through adversity.

I’m lucky that my father made the decision to come to this country.

I’m lucky that my dad met my mom, and she actually said yes!

I’m lucky I’m healthy.

I’m lucky to be alive.

Here’s to luck.


5 comments on “I Got Lucky
  1. Dude…your humility is so refreshing.

  2. Ezra says:

    There is nothing called luck. It is only work. You are really a hard worker . Which is the key of your success and god loves you.

  3. Shwin says:

    You make your own luck though too homie. Humble up.

  4. Joe McKenna says:

    You’re lucky you didn’t listen to your frustrated GB-101 group at Bentley who complained that you played more on your phone then on our project… turns out you knew what you were doing!!

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