Just joined the apple app gang.. at a cost

After months of back and forth with the apple review team, we were finally able to get PrankDial into the Apple App  Store. Unfortunately, its missing most of the cool stuff that makes PrankDial awesome. The first submission of our iPhone app was actually very similar to the first release of our Android app: caller id spoofing, tons of pranks, recording, it had all the basics of the PrankDial website. But after our first rejection, we realized it was going to be a tough road getting PrankDial into the app store. At points, I just wanted to give up because Apple seemed to find new faults in the app every time we submitted. I had to do tons of research just to find a way where we could fully abide by Apples terms of use. On the latest submission, we got the formula right I suppose but at the cost of having an app stripped of all its core features. But if anything, the debut in the app store is a way to expose us to a new base of users. We haven’t even implemented in-app purchasing on the iPhone app and we’re already seeing a decent increase in traffic/revenues. The best strategy at this point is to make the best with what we can do. Considering the PrankDial service is severely hampered on the platform, the best approach would be to make it more content oriented. After all, we do have a 50,000 + archive of hilarious user-submitted prank calls.

But enough complaining/ranting, I’m in the app store biotches!!

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