Mohammed Islam – the $72 million dollar fraud?

$72 million dollar teenager

UPDATE: It was all made up.

A 17 year old bengali finance whiz kid making millions in the stock market? That kind of news is right up my alley and thats why I found the piece so interesting when I first read it on NYPOST. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t already heard about this kid, let me give you the summary:

Mohammed Islam, a Stuyesvant highschool student turned his tutoring earnings into $72 million dollars. We’re talking about a kid here with access to no more starting capital than $5000 (reasonably speaking, how much can a highschool tutor really make?). It’s an amazing story. Furthermore, there were pictures of Mohammed partying with friends at Lavo nightclub. The pictures and videos showed him at a VIP table enjoying very expensive bottles of champagne presumably for his adolescent business partners birthday (how do you get in when you’re 17? ah right, money). He also enjoys caviar and apple juice. An interesting addition to an already flashy piece. No wonder its getting so much coverage.

The author who conducted the original NYMAG interview that started the rumor confirmed to seeing a bank account statement from Mohammed Islam confirming eight-figure sums.

Islam has already denied the $72 million dollar figure.  He was scheduled to appear on CNBC today but later decided it would not be in his best interest. My question is, its fine if the $72 million dollar is wrong but if you still have eight-figures, that is still a hell of an accomplishment, isn’t it? Something I would not be embarrassed about sharing and setting the record straight about. Especially if you are the type of person that likes to show off which I would assume a VIP tables at Lavo, caviar eating teenager would be. That is, unless the bank account statement he showed NYMAG was photoshopped.

Timothy Sykes, a well known “social trader” has even called him out saying that just a year ago, Mohammed emailed him to get advice on how to make it big with the $1,000 he earned tutoring.  Not one but several emails along those same lines.

So something is definitely awry. There are already classmates that are saying Mohammed has made well under $100,000 in actuality. I’m sure more will come out about this as time goes on. The only real way to know someones networth is if they disclose it. Everything else is speculation based on the persons spending habits and their publicly known trades/business deals.

All I know is if I had $72 million, you bet your ass I’d have that Lamborghini already.

Lamborghini Aventador

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