new york is where it’s at

If you are getting into tech, you might want to stop by New York before you head full speed to the valley. Things are really moving here.

It may be because of the “2.0 tech bubble” (which i think is bs) but I feel an environment of excitement in New York like never before. There are tons of shared work spaces and networking events popping up left and right. The New York Tech Meetup alone has about 800 attendees with tickets regularly selling out. And look at some of the startups that call New York home: Foursquare, Gilt, GroupMe, Kickstarter, Etsy, the list goes on and on…

I always thought I’d have to move to the valley to make my billion dollar startup dreams happen but I’m finding that to be more and more not the case. Startups are all about people and if the people are here, who gives a sh*t about cali.

Plus its New York City. You can’t go wrong with NYC.

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