tapppppFURIOUSSS – kicking 2011’s ass

I’ve gotten a few emails asking how well TapFury is doing. We’re a private company, so I’m definitely not getting into exact revenue figures but as far as growth, its been spectacular. 10% month over month, INSANE.

Each week we seem to beat a new traffic record. PrankDial alone racked up 108k unique yesterday (statcounter).

The craziest thing, its all been organic. I’ve had no time to come up with a solid marketing strategy because I’m just so busy with product development. We have the development power but we’re missing the other part of the puzzle – business/marketing. I’ve been rocking way too many hats, its been fun but tiring. Definitely going to be a factor in deciding the next few hires. Decisions… decisions.

Some exciting things planned for 2011, including an application that will put PrankDial to shame. Was playing around with it earlier, COULD NOT STOP USING IT (rule 1).

On a personal level, I went to the gym everyday for the past two weeks. I’m ready for ya’ 2011, BRING IT.

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