The Selfie That Humanized the Celebrity

Americans are obsessed with celebrity. They want to know everything about them, even when they’re off screen. Celebrity gossip is a $3 billion dollar a year industry for a reason. We want to be personally invested in these celebrities lives like they are our friends. And since we can’t hang out with them, we’ll pay magazines/photographers/bloggers to give us that peek. But this is obtrusive and many times dangerous for celebrities and their families with paparazzo trespassing and hiding out for days just to capture that one “personal” shot.

Ellen played on this American obsession while hosting the Oscars. Not in a nasty way like we’re used to with the TMZs of the world but kindheartedly. She was chatting up celebrities live like they were normal people, like they were just some jo shmo on the street. Except this jo shmo was adorned with a million dollar necklace and the street was a red carpet aisle. At one point in the show, she ordered pizza and had Brad Pitt hand out plates like a mere mortal.

Brad Pitt Hands Out Plates

Brad Pitt gives Julia Roberts a plate to avoid crumbs on the floor

These celebrities we so adore were eating pizza with their hands, from paper plates, JUST LIKE US. They are PEOPLE. And finally, came the picture that sent Twitter in a flurry – the celebrity selfie. A-list celebrities coming together for an activity that is as normal in this digital day and age as pecan pie in the south. It was candid, it was slightly awkward, yet it was perfect.

Its funny that for an award show which celebrates the extraordinary abilities of these men and women, the internet is won over by their mediocrity.

Bravo Ellen.

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