The Time I Almost Sold PrankDial for $200k

There are a lot of opportunities that come your way as an entrepreneur. I remember when I sold my first website AIMDUDE.COM.

I updated the site weekly as the “AIM Dude”

It was a shitty site about buddy icons, away messages, and tricks for a now forgotten programmed called AOL Instant Messenger. But back in 2003, AIM was the shit. I sold the site on eBay for $2,000. Hardly the mutli-billion dollar acquisition that we’re used to hearing about now but back then, that to me was filthy rich. I made it, well at least the 16 year old me thought I did.

Forward seven years later and I had another acquisition offer, this time for PrankDial.. with a few more zeroes. $200k to be exact with earn-out potential. The interested party was HumorHotlines, the original creators of something called “The Rejection Hotline” – a classy way for you to let the guy (or girl) who procured “your number” to know you weren’t interested.

$200k to a 23 year old me was very tempting. Just about as tempting as $2,000 was to the 16 year old me. PrankDial still wasn’t established. I just got out of college and needed the money. It was really looking like a viable option. So what stopped me?

I was having way too much fun. I knew the fun would stop if I joined another company. If this wasn’t my “baby” anymore. So after much thought, I declined the offer hoping that my curiosity and enthusiasm would take this project of mine to greater heights. Even if I did potentially lose $200k in the process, I was willing to take that risk. That’s what happiness meant to me at that time.

I look up to that young me. How easy would it have been to take that $200k? And where would I have been now?

2 comments on “The Time I Almost Sold PrankDial for $200k
  1. Mohammed says:

    Very powerful point. You held on to what makes you happy.

  2. Ezra says:

    Took nice decision, hope and wish u will continue this :)

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