The Websense Effect

MonkeyDoo has been blocked for a while by WebSense for “Tasteless” content. Now the question is, how much does this affect ones traffic? The majority of the people that visit my site are teenagers, so Websense may play a huge roll in my traffic during 7AM – 3 PM. So what is my proof?

Kyle has recently opened a gaming site (, it is not widely popular but it receives decent traffic. During the times between 7 AM – 3 PM, on weekdays his traffic is booming and then it dies down soon afterwards. Considering the time periods in which the gaming site receives traffic, I think it is fair to say that they are people who are in school or at work. While all the other large game sites are blocked, Kyle’s game site isn’t, giving it a huge advantage, at least as long as it stays unblocked. The problem is the more popular your website becomes, the more likely it will be added to WebSense’s list. Will there ever be away to get around WebSenses system? Sure there are “Anonymous Surfing” sites but even those get blocked sooner or later.

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